COVID-19 Update

A message from Judy Fella : Managing Director Handling your calls during COVID-19

By 2 December 2020No Comments

As COVID-19 continues to present challenges to us all I would like to brief you on the actions we have taken and continue to take to mitigate any impact on our clients, staff and the business.

As soon as lockdown was announced back in March of this year we were able to instantly follow government guidelines by taking over additional office space within our building so that everyone could not only be socially distanced from each other, but they could if they so wished work in a room on their own.

One member of staff was advised not to attend work due to under-lying health issues, but we were able to set her up as a “home worker”.  This worked so well that we offered the opportunity to another 3 people with a mix of office-based activity.  Callers may occasionally hear some background noise, but we will do all we can to keep this to a minimum.  The plan being that if a second lockdown came along we could be ready, and it has.

Some of the work we do for the safety of animals can’t currently be done from home, and so the office remains open 24 hours a day but with staff socially distanced and fully understanding of government recommendations as to how we should work as a key business.

During this period we have been looking at ways of improving our technology to enable home working to become part of our future business model; and with very careful consideration for the well-being of all staff, some of whom may not be able to work from home because they don’t have high enough quality broadband, or sufficient physical space in their homes.

We have been incredibly fortunate with the health of all our staff who really enjoy the work they do for you, but we are aware of course, that at any moment someone might have to isolate completely.  This means they might not be able to even work from home, so if we are a little slower than usual answering your calls this could be why.  Predicting call volumes is always a challenge, but currently even more difficult because of the fluctuating call volumes from customers, so we sincerely ask for your patience.  If you have any concerns at all do please let us know by either calling Terry Wellard on 01223 849700 or emailing us at